You say you do paper prototypes but really you just never do it. And how would you? No body told you that it would be easy, perhaps nobody knew how to. It’s not your fault, kinda like all the doors in your office, they never get the handles right.


Product Managers,

Guys, We are sick of your damn excel sheets. I bet nobody ever told you that MVP is actually MVD. Right? Product is final outcome of either minimum viable or market viable design. While you’re at it, you can change 5 things..

  1. Requirement documents to User Stories
  2. Feature lists to Activity maps
  3. MVPs to MVDs
  4. PRDs to DRDs
  5. Excel sheets to This Paper prototyping tool kit

You will be fine in a week, Believe me.


A4 sheets do the job but most of time you can’t seem to find the one where you were sure you had sketched your ideas on. Traditional notebooks and fancy diaries solve that problem but they are still a dumb canvas that doesn’t quite offer the intimacy and boundary of a prototyping toolkit. I mean I couldn’t draw a perfect circle and that seems to be deal breaker whenever I am trying to work on an app sketch with paper and pencil. 




Why Paper Prototypes?

Paper and pen is the most immediate, personal and informal medium and it also stimulates and involves our unbridled thought process which digital tools may not provide because of the obvious reason that we are more conscious of the tools, formality and patterns and visual biases. To my surprise, I was able to come up with a concept sketch with the help of our new paper prototyping tool-kit (DOTS) in less than 30 minutes. And that’s the whole point, I was having a tea, sitting outside and I was thinking about all the behavioural patterns and future of commerce and how young generation people use Digital media and how it enables them to do everything that they do in their daily lives. 30 Mins.



Lets talk about our Tool-kit (DOTS)

Dots is an interesting notebook with super fast tools. Each DOTS book is different and based on a theme like (Designers, Products, Design languages, Design patterns and Case studies), so every time you turn a page, you learn something new and most importantly sketch a new app, idea or a quick prototype. DOTS has an app idea documentation page like summary, notes, design patterns etc (as shown below on the left face of inside pages), that help you design and document your concept. And on the right face of inside pages, it has device frames like iPhone, iPad, Apple watch etc. It also has blank pages with grid so that you can draw the frame that you need.





The Tools to help you sketch

Earlier on, I was talking about drawing a perfect circle. While you’re drawing on paper, it doesn’t end there, you have to draw profile faces, sound icons and much more. Don’t worry, we have got it covered with Stencils and stickers and custom sticky notes in various usable sizes and colors. Made a mistake or need a small correction? just put a white sticker and make your corrections. You can mark priorities with red, green, yellow sticker dots and change them when you need to.




Like to get your hands on One?

Write to us at

Or comment below to let us know how you would like to use it.