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We offer Design Strategy Consulting as a Product Innovation Exercise. We are a full-stack Design Company and we can be your one stop solution for your product needs from Design Strategy to final Product Design. We have done some excellent work in P2P, OTT, Emerging markets, Telecom, Healthcare, Education, Governance, Internet of Things.


Design Strategy Consulting

We help you define your product, platform and ecosystem, derive a Design-Market Fit and Design the Product Experience from Paper to a Digital Product. We work with Startups, Product Companies and World Leaders to come up with new products, market opportunities, platform strategies and collaborate with them to level the Innovation gap in their organisation. We believe Peer to Peer behavioural patterns, Over the top services and new platform businesses are transforming the Economic Landscape and Marketplace into a truly conversational commerce. Design Strategy can help you navigate and align your business toward a peer to peer economy from a supply-side economy, which has become counter-productive by the very proliferation of smartphone and changing behavioural patterns in emerging markets.

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Product & Experience Design

We create next-gen digital consumer platforms and experiences for various media including web, mobile, multimedia Television, wearable, Internet of Things and much more. The main focus while designing these products is to provide your consumers with the authentic experience and the engaging interactions to earn the brand as well as Business value of user experience. In principle, We believe in more Concepts and less Documentation. We follow agile Ux methodology and a lean approach to design ecosystem. We start with available touch points and create early stage mapping with the help of designers, product managers and Business leadership. We love the whiteboard and paper prototypes. We come up with different pieces of Design e.g. Design script, principles, Ux Architecture, Engagement points & Activity Mapping.


Concept & IP creation

We see design as an investment in Intellectual Property and it could be a disruptive way of defining your Business Model or shaping a totally new kind of behavioural pattern on your platform that can open up new revenue channels and brand equity opportunities for your business within the framework of exactly the resources and capabilities that you have now. We see things in a very different light and envision a value outcome for your venture, by employing design thinking. It is about asking the right questions and getting the answers, and the potential of which may not have yet been fully realized in the context of your platform, market or Consumer behavioural patterns.