An idea meeting its own time is a highly unpredictable event – that is where our Design – Market fit comes into the picture. You shouldn’t have to wait for the next disruption to can actually predict it and revel in Predictable Disruption.


Design – Market fit is an exercise where we treat design as discourse and ask what it could be rather than what it is now. It doesn’t involve design as technique but as a strategy consulting for your business, product, ecosystem to define goals, principles, platform ethics and behaviours and how to align behavioural patterns with direction of platform or business goals.




Definition by Design and Entropic Mess


Definition by Design is pivotal to the Business or Product or Ecosystem because without it we may end up blindfolded by what it is now and completely miss out on what it could be. And though, what it now may be very important for immediate term it is crucial to note that Design-Market fit makes sure than we have “what it could be” also covered from the very inception.  If you don’t set the definitions, it will be set for you and it’s too much of an entropic mess to reverse the definitions once they’re set. Some guy while taking a nap, called it Cloud, Big Data, Internet of things..and have we ever questioned that it might be just better, if we are not calling it “Internet of things” because then the premise by default becomes about connecting dumb objects to internet and controlling them. When we don’t know what that experience is like and we have presuppositions about what it is like to be able to interact with a dumb object or the behaviour of that dumb object, Then the whole discourse is shifted to our ability to switch on/off a tube light from the internet..which obviously wasn’t the intent to set that definition, by default.



When we say Design – Market Fit, we mean..

  • Articulation of Business vision into clearly defined Ecosystem design.
  • Market-leading innovation approach and Mobile Enterprise Design that fits key business objectives and connects people on move.
  • Identifying key design, market and user behavioural patterns that map platform stakeholders, which include enterprise users, in-field agents, next generation employees and Business decision makers.
  • Scripting a design framework for larger ecosystem and platform to guide both short-term and long term product design exercises, module designs and high level architecture of product experiences on web, mobile, wearable or any other device.



We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon.

Perhaps, horizon is the nuance of all Skies and perhaps Design is the nuance that every organisation deserves, in contrast to a skewed version of design or popularly known as UI/UX. Everything is nuanced including nuance.



There is a difference between an Economist and an accountant, just as much as difference there is between Design thinking and UI/UX .

We have a Theory that a company can’t break outside of its own DDR (Dynamic Design Range) or else why do you think SAP and Oracle keep making world’s toughest software along with 2 million page long manuals, or Dell keeps making ugliest and heaviest computer hardware in the world or Microsoft keep making mobile products that their own employees never use. Like Cameras, we are measuring the Dynamic range of Organisation’s Design Horizon  based on how well they differentiate between Design and UI/UX, it’s actually black & white.


Design is not separate from the economic theory of the time. So the economic theory of the time can be derived from the Design…it’s a thought. If you understand what makes people tick, how they really think and at the core of everything, what they really care about, you can actually predict the outcomes from the comfort of your boardroom. It’s called Design.


As a Designer, sooner or later, You have to come to terms with the fact that you are going to Design for Justine Bieber Generation..Gone are the days of Beatles. 


The point is user behaviour like technological progress is not a flat line. You can’t force Neilson on a generation that obviously revels in technology and knows how empowering and psycho-socially rewarding technology could be. Behaviours & Patterns are bent around new discoveries, human progress, new generational patterns and warped behaviours of people. Design is too big a thing to project or keep it as a monolith or a historical pattern in a time bubble..which some guys try to do, unsuccessfully. and let’s keep church & design separate..Design is not a belief system or commandments..Design is a pioneering idea of Time, context and behaviours.


Design finds its true meaning in the realm of technology and technology finds its true purpose at the helm of Design.


“Karna Kya hai

Silence will fall when the question is asked, the oldest question in the universe – “karna kya hai?”


—-   Having Board Room Blues?

—-   Need Ecosystem Architecture?

—-   Need business strategy validation via design thinking? 

—-   Want to discuss the design implications of Orwell?

—-   Need a policy designed for Government’s Smart City Vision?

—-   Need to define Operating-system of things as a Startup?