P2P lending

Micro Credit & Finance Reimagined

Institutional lending can’t stick to traditional lending offerings and loans and eventually they would have to adopt to “Bricks and Clicks” model. We started with an strategy to bring people to a micro finance fold which is aligned to the current behavioural patterns, has a people to people trust factor and brings immediacy, continuity, tangible benefits and transparency in Online Investment platforms. There was also an opportunity to bring Banks, NGOs, Credit companies to this platform.

Our Design Exercise  involved..

  1. Studying the current market, players, pivotal pain points both from user and business point of view.
  2. Juxtaposing behavioural patterns with design and market patterns and coming up with a Design-Market fit.
  3. Outlining a Design Strategy for P2P Lending & Investment on Mobile Platforms for easy instant access and use.
  4. Outlining an overall platfrom and ecosystem strategy for Platform Owner, Platform Partners, Banks and Consumer end.
  5. Architecting and Designing experiences for Mobile & Web platforms and suite of products.