The Ship

We are a Design Strategy Consulting Firm established in 2012. We operate out of Bangalore and Delhi NCR. We are a new kind of Design Firm that is creating new definitions & disruptions in Mobile, Economy & Design (MED), and we have no desire to be like everyone else. We do like the adventure of sailing in High Seas. One more thing.. Hawking Introduction, Wilde Prediction, Sherlock Deduction, Tolstoy Introspection, Vinci Transformation, Jung Integration, Orwell Construction, Emerson Seduction & Jobs Production are the techniques that help us arrive at a statement.


Ashutosh Upadhyay

Chairman & CEO

Captain on the deck

It has been 4 years since we started sailing a Design Ship and it has been a phenomenal experience in high seas, creating route maps for others to follow. You know a lot of Design Firms start in the name of design and they end up doing everything else from fishing to transporting oil, in a matter of speaking. We haven’t changed. We are a Design Company and we will continue to be so. In the popular Game of Thrones series, Lord Peter Baliesh said one thing that struck a cord with us – Only by admitting who we are can we get what we want. We are designers and we want to design products, ecosystems, platforms that open up new market opportunities, redefine economics and most importantly help change the World, not by default but by Design.

[ Ashutosh Upadhyay is a Design Graduate from IIT Guwahati. He has worked with some of the groundbreaking product teams and innovation labs across India, Germany & North America and led Design efforts as Designer, Researcher & Strategist, including with Spatial Audio Group of Deutsche telekom Labs (Berlin), SET Labs and Business Platforms within Infosys (Bangalore) and Patented Visual Voicemail & Voice Messaging Product initiatives of Kirusa Inc (New Jersey). In his 10 year career & role as Experience Designer, he has worked on Enterprise platforms of Adobe, Infosys & Kastle Systems, Healthcare apps of Carl Zeiss & Telus, Consumer Telecom apps of Comviva & Kirusa, Networking apps of Juniper Networks, Banking & Fintech solutions of Edgeverve, Social Networking apps of Infosys, GlobalLogic Inc. & Kirusa Inc., Retail platforms and apps of P&G & Bodyshop, Governance & public sector solutions of GOI & BESCOM. ]


Who we are

At Skopex we do design. We are focused on delivering experiences, full product design lifecycle and in-house user experience capability for businesses and enterprises. We are enthralled by the endless possibilities of design and user experience in “bridging the gap” and bringing technology closer to a wider range of users with business as a driving factor and we are encouraged with the fact that core of design thinking can be fused together with Business and Technology to enable ways to collaborative innovation, form global product strategies and advance the balance between use of technological resources and intended experience in delivered products and services.


Skopex Vision

We see Design as the Inclusive Discourse about everything, essentially Design as Theory of Everything.

The name ‘Skopex’ is derived from latin word skopein which means ‘to look at’. A well known derivation of the word skopein is ‘BioScope’ which essentially conveys, “A view of Life”. In our context the name Skopex signifies, “An Experience to look at” and it is the essence of our vision since we are focused on providing ‘Design & Experience’ offering to help the world transform their vision from ‘what it is now’ to ‘what it could be’.


Our Network

We have collaborated as Preferred Design Partners with Big Brands, Startups and Government initiatives on a number of disruptive products & platforms and progressive ideas. Our collaborations span across the Globe including India, North America and Emerging Economies like Ghana & Nigeria. We also have uniquely placed partners to cater to your end-to-end digital needs from Product Branding, Photography, Copyrighting, Ad Films, Marketing to Product Engineering and Development. We understand that it is pivotal for your organisation to find synergies that are optimised, agile and tailored for your Business Goals.


Our Culture

It doesn’t make much difference how the chair is put on as long as something has been said. Let’s talk about culture. Startup Culture is as widely misused a term as any of Design, Innovation or Internet of Things. Here at Skopex, we do not confuse Culture with cult. Conformity may very well work for a religion but as an organisation, we inherently understand the need of independent minds and not photocopies. And one thing that needs highlighting here is that there is a world of difference in Conformation and Coherence, and we know we would be better off with the culture of coherence than the other way around. Culture is not a set of guidelines that people can adopt to, it is the absence of the need to do it.

Skopex Hall of Fame

Here are the awesome people from Present & Past who have worked with us, Consulted for us, interned with us and cheered for us. Skopex will always be grateful for the time and passion that all of you have showed.