Disrupting the Digital Economy by Design in.. 

Paper Prototyping Tool Kit for Startups

Designers, You say you do paper prototypes but really you just never do it. And how would you? No body told you that it would be easy, perhaps nobody knew how to. It’s not your fault, kinda like all the doors in your office, they never get the handles right.   Product Managers, Guys, We are sick…


P2P Economy & Design Strategy

There is a P2P side of every supply side. Peer to Peer behavioural patterns and proliferation of smartphone, especially in emerging markets like India, West Africa and South America has changed the landscape of digital economy and we have yet to fully grasp what opportunities and challenges it really presents.     Democratisation by Design in Marketplace…


Design-Market Fit

An idea meeting its own time is a highly unpredictable event – that is where our Design – Market fit comes into the picture. You shouldn’t have to wait for the next disruption to happen..you can actually predict it and revel in Predictable Disruption.   Design – Market fit is an exercise where we treat…


UI slash UX – An Orwellian Nightmare

It doesn’t make much difference how the paint is put on as long as something has been said. Technique is just a means of arriving at a statement. Jackson Pollock. Orwell in his book 1984 contemplated a world where the Ministry of peace would coordinate war and Ministry of Love would enforce Law & Order. And the…

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Skopex - Design Strategy Firm

We are a Design Strategy Consulting Firm. We help you define your product, platform and ecosystem, derive a Design-Market Fit and Design the Product Experience from Paper to a Digital Product. We work with Startups, Product Companies and World Leaders to come up with new products, market opportunities and collaborate with them to level the Innovation gap in their organisation.

Here are few curated Case Studies and examples of Areas, Markets, Domains where we have left our Design Footprint..

Our Design Footprint

These are some of the areas where we have led the Design effort and made our mark

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